Life Vessel

Obligations, priorities and deadlines – we all have them. In dealing with them, society has become ever susceptible to healthcare’s most notorious enemy – stress. Studies show that up to 85% of bodily dysfunction can be associated with stress and, if not effectively dealt with, can seriously compromise an individual’s health. Similar studies provide evidence that an impaired immune system can be associated with stress induced experiences and conditions, including relationships, job activities, family and financial concerns. What this means is that your body’s innate ability to handle these situations is weakened and your stress levels become toxic to your overall natural health. Fortunately, stress and its effects can be significantly reduced through various therapeutic approaches, including relaxation therapy with the Life Vessel.

The Life Vessel is a FDA cleared, Class II medical device that has five US patents and employs the therapeutic modalities associated with vibration, sound and light. Additionally, it utilizes an infrared light source to facilitate an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels to the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, light and sound delivers the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy. Relaxation provides benefits to the body that include: higher energy levels, improved sleep, stronger cognitive abilities, an enhanced immune system and the ability for an individual to reduce stress.
An additional benefit to stress reduction is the ability to balance an individual’s autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS of the body is the part of the nervous system that controls bodily functions over which we have little or no conscious control – functions such as digestion, blood pressure, heart rate and the operation of major organs and glands. A balanced ANS is essential for an individual to maintain good health and allows your body to have optimal healing abilities. Through heart rate variability (HRV) analysis, the amount of imbalance and measured success to the body’s ANS from Life Vessel treatments can be quantified.
Life Vessel treatments last for a period of one hour and are administered in a series of four sessions, typically over a three or four day period. Since every person is different – as are their conditions – the number of sessions required is dependent on the individual and the severity of their health challenge. In general, positive results are achieved by undergoing between four to eight one-hour sessions.
It is important to note the Life Vessel does not cure disease. Rather, through the modalities of vibration, light, sound and with the assistance of infrared light, the Life Vessel facilitates the body’s ability to relax, de-stress and balance, thus enhancing an individual’s natural ability to self-regulate and self-heal.

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