Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic proclaims that the nervous system, functioning as the master communication system of the body, can become impaired so that the brain or body parts are no longer communicating essential information for the maintenance of health. The removal of the impairment factor can greatly enhance the functional integrity of the body and restore health and well-being. The benefits are optimum health and pain-free activity when normal body function is restored.

The most common therapeutic procedure performed by doctors of chiropractic is known as “spinal manipulation,” also called “chiropractic adjustment.” The purpose of manipulation, or adjustment of the affected joint and tissues, is to restore mobility, thereby alleviating pain and muscle tightness, and allowing tissues to heal.

At AKC, we practice a soft tissue type of Chiropractic care. There is typically no forceful thrusting or twisting of the body. Soft tissue adjustments are made with steady, sustained pressure into sensitive tissues.

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